Who Is Kim Crouch?

Education is the key that unlocks human potential. KimCrouchPhotoKim Crouch began serving on the Plymouth-Canton Community School Board in February 2013. She is the current Secretary of the Board of Education and Chair of the Policy Committee. She is a wife and mother of three boys ages 15, 12 and 5 attending schools in the district. Kim strongly believes that No Child Rises to Low expectations, but rather, children rise to the expectations of the adults around them and that with the right resources, guidance, support and high expectations, ALL children and youth can and will be successful. Kim believes a strong Board of Education helps ensure this success, and has consistently emphasized the importance of the Board, administrators and teachers collaborating to focus on educational environments that foster learning, engagement and rigor. As such, during her tenure, Kim has been a vigorous advocate for maximizing academic achievement for all students including supporting the district’s 1:1 technology initiative, the STEM labs at the middle school, the new middle school and the expansion of the half-day kindergarten and young 5s programs. She has worked with and supported administration on ways to expand the district’s community partnerships, the Advanced Placement offerings and served as the Board’s liaison to the District’s School Improvement Committee.

IMG_6170She has also served in the district classrooms as part of the A World in Motion Program to assist science teachers at Field Elementary on the Jet Toy Challenge. Prior to serving on the Board, she has served the school district in a number of roles including Tonda Elementary School Parent Council, Diversity Committee Chair, member of the Legislative Action Network, a member of the district’s Dynamic Planning Committee and creating the Let’s Stomp Out Bullying Campaign.