About Justin

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Everything is better because we live in a world of moms

- Justin Crouch

Justin Crouch
Author, Why I Love Mommies

Why I Love Mommies Book



About Me
An 12-year-old Author who loves mommies.

Who am I?

Justin Crouch is an 12-year-old who lives with his parents in Michigan. He loves writing and has been creating stories since he was 4. One day, he hopes to start his own movie and publishing company and open a restaurant: Nachos Tacos. Why I Love Mommies is his first foray into the publishing world.

What I do?

He wrote it because he wants all moms to know how special they are. He is currently working on his second book: Babies about the House. In November, Justin and his older brother started their own company, Destined Enterprises. In his free time, he likes to play video games, ride skateboards, play sports, hang out with his friends and go to the movies.