Education is the key that unlocks human potential. My community leadership and Board of Education experience have helped me understand the impact that education has on the quality of life, economic vitality and community stability. Our students are our greatest resource, and in order to maximize their full academic potential, we need an educational environment that fosters rigor, engagement and learning. This environment is not possible without all of us working together.


Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 11.23.57 AMI fundamentally believe that all PCCS students regardless of socioeconomic status, race or disability can be successful. Understanding this, during my tenure on the Board, I utilized a student centered approach in supporting programs and initiatives that maximize the academic potential of PCCS students while also recognizing the need for more academic choice. My contributions, perspectives and initiatives have enhanced the Board’s work on our school priorities and policies. I want to continue on the Board to ensure that the good work that has been done continues and that the focus remains on students.

At the core of unlocking human potential for students, is what I call the PCCS Circle of Success. This is the acknowledgement and understanding that when parents, schools and communities work together, our students achieve their greatest potential. Working together, we must:

  • Maximize academic achievement for all students
  • Expand collaboration and partnerships between the community and the school district for the benefit of PCCS students
  • Welcome and continue the engagement of PCCS parents as active participants in their children’s education
  • Responsibly manage the budget while finding creative revenue sources to enhance the academic environment


  • Expand critical programs:

   −      Talented and Gifted Program (TAG)

   −      Academies at the Park

   −      Advanced Placement

   −      STEM classes at the Middle School level

   −      After school support and learning programs

   −      Dual Enrollment Opportunities 

  • Support the consideration and expansion of STEM, robotics, and world language opportunities at the elementary level
  • Advocate internally and externally for smaller class sizes to ensure a high quality education for PCCS students
  • Active promotion of the expectation that all students can succeed, the demand that they do so, and encouragement to prepare for higher education or career training
  • Support the continued development of additional options for students that benefit from non-traditional learning environments



  • Support the use of a Blue Ribbon Panel of community leaders, which supports the development of a well-educated workforce and to advise the district
  • Encourage Partnerships with local industry related associations and corporations to enhance the learning environment, networking and apprenticeship opportunities for PCCS students
  • Expand the network and partnerships with local businesses to offer vocational, technical and career opportunities for PCCS students
  • Support the continued expansion of partnerships with local world class universities and colleges such as University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and Schoolcraft College.


  • Advocate for expansion of Parent University series
  • Encourage greater participation of parents in the state of the district luncheon
  • Support the continued use of parents on Board of Education subcommittees
  • Advocate for strengthening the school to home connection and communications


  • Continue to advocate for more equitable funding for PCCS schools to our legislators and state policy leaders to ensure our school system has the necessary resources to remain a top performing district
  • Increase parent and community participation in advocacy efforts
  • Target increased student enrollment by creating a marketing plan that showcases the benefits of PCCS
  • Encourage, support and advocate for long range planning and financial forecasting for the district